Take a Tour of the NEW Petivity App 2.0!

Take a Tour of the NEW Petivity App 2.0!

 Our team of tech and pet experts are always working to bring you the best insights and experience possible. And we’re excited to share that the Petivity app has gotten a major update that will make it even simpler and more intuitive to use. PLUS, the app is now available for Android users, allowing even more cat owners to unlock meaningful insights about their pets!


Here's what you can expect from your new & improved Petivity app:

  • Home View – On your Petivity home screen, you can now get high-level insights on cats & monitors all in one place, rather than having to navigate to separate parts of the app.
Home screen of Petivity app, displaying list of cats being monitored by the Petivity system and list of monitors synced in the household.
    • Cat Insights
      • See cat weights & frequency in one view instead of separate tabs for a more holistic look at their well-being.
      • Easily navigate between time periods (past 2 weeks or by day) to see changes over time. No matter which view you’re using, you’ll be able to clearly see where any weight or behavior alerts occurred.
      • Weight is now displayed in lbs and oz to more easily track small but meaningful changes.
    Screenshot of Petivity app displaying insights on a cat's behavior including litterbox visits, elimination type and trends.
    • Cat Avatars – Because we know each cat is special, you can clearly distinguish between cats with a fun visual! You’ll be able to select an avatar to represent each of your cats during the cat set-up process. For cats that are already set up in the app, your cat will be assigned a default avatar that you can change to the avatar of your choice within Cat Settings.
    Screenshot of Petivity app displaying cat avatar options available for users to select when creating profile for their cat.
      • Scooping Activity & Reminders – A clean litter box makes for a happy and healthy cat. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you new features all about scooping. You’ll be able to see when each box was scooped last, and set scooping reminders to help you stay on top of this important task. You can set these reminders as initial monitor set-up process, or within Settings. You’ll have the option of setting optional morning and evening scoop reminders.
      Screenshot of Petivity app displaying activity details of a monitor including who visited the box last and when the last scooping event happened.
        • Firmware –
          • There will be one more firmware update requiring you to manually update your monitor. After this point, firmware updates will be fully automatic, so your smart monitor will automatically update without any action from you! Please follow these instructions now if you have not already updated to the latest firmware:
            • First, check your battery power. If it is less than 20%, replace your batteries or plug your monitor into the wall before starting the update.
            • Once you have sufficient battery power, press the button on your monitor to initiate the software download. Note: Please do not unplug or remove your monitor’s batteries while the update is being made, as this can cause a delay in data availability within the app.
            • You will see a series of blinking blue and green lights as the monitor updates. No further action is needed from you at this point.
          • Going forward, you may see different colored lights during this process than you did previously. Check out this FAQ for more on what you can expect.


        We’re excited to continue bringing you an even better app experience, and we hope you enjoy discovering all the new features this update has to offer! Have questions about what’s new? Reach out using our Support form or call us at 866-979-2477

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