5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Petivity Monitor

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Petivity Monitor
The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor can help you discover a new dimension of care for your cat. Our team of pet experts thoughtfully designed every element of the smart monitor system to help bring you the insights you need—when you need them. Read on for our best tips on how you can utilize the Smart Litterbox Monitor to proactively manage your cat’s health.
1. Pair Every Litterbox with a Monitor
We recommend having one monitor for every litterbox in your home. This will ensure the data and insights the system provides are as accurate and complete as possible.
2. Pick the Right Location
The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor is designed to fit seamlessly into your cat’s litter routine. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a location for your litterbox and monitor.
The monitor works best in an indoor, climate-controlled environment. Avoid using the monitor outdoors or in areas with high humidity, high heat, or direct sunlight.
When placing the monitor in your home, ensure it is placed at least 1 inch away from all walls, baseboards, furniture or other obstacles. Otherwise, the monitor could get stuck on obstacles that may interfere with the data or readings. Placing the monitor next to high vibration items like a washer or dryer or in high traffic areas may also affect the monitor’s performance.
3. Ensure Your Monitor is Balanced
The monitor is designed to function best on a smooth, level, hard surface. A short pile carpeted surface is typically ok too, but where possible, we recommend placing it on a smooth, level, hard surface. If you’re using a mat or placing the monitor on carpeting, raise the adjustable feet to ensure the bottom of the monitor is not touching the carpet, mat or other flooring surface. If you use a litter mat, it is important to make sure all four feet are on the mat. Uneven monitors can cause a disruption in data.
Even if you have followed these guidelines, we recommend checking your monitor to ensure that it is balanced. While your litterbox is off the monitor, press each corner of the monitor separately to test for a wobble. If you detect a wobble, this means your monitor is imbalanced. Use the adjustable feet to make small adjustments in the foot height until the monitor doesn’t wobble.
4. For Multi-Cat Households, Help the System Learn Who’s Who
The Petivity system uses artificial intelligence to track and distinguish between multiple cats. As soon as you complete your monitor setup, the system will ask you to help identify which cat has used the litterbox. This feedback helps the system learn how to distinguish between multiple cats and provide accurate insights. For more, read our article on How Petivity Works with Multiple Cats.
5. Understand the Data
The Petivity Litterbox Monitor translates subtle behavioral and weight changes you may miss into meaningful data, and alerts via the Petivity mobile app you when a change may be cause for concern. For more info on how the system works, check out our article on Understanding the Data, where Petivity Behaviorist Dr. Ragen walks through your most commonly asked questions about how Petivity provides important insights about your cat.


With a little time, the Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor will help you discover new insights about your cat. And because the artificial intelligence system will continue to improve as it learns more about your cat’s unique behaviors, it will continue to deliver the data and information you need to proactively care for them.