Petivity for Vet Professionals

  • Tracks

    weight and important litterbox habits for multiple cats using AI—no collar or chip required

  • Detects

    changes that may indicate weight issues or health conditions requiring veterinary diagnosis

  • Alerts

    you to meaningful changes via the Petivity app so you can be proactive in your cat’s care

Insights Powered by Experts

• Created in partnership with Purina veterinarians, behaviorists and data scientists
• Based on a data set of cat litterbox events collected by Purina experts over the course of a decade
• Utilizes advanced algorithms designed to provide the best possible insights to cat owners and their veterinarians

Cat in litterbox atop Smart Litterbox monitor along with screenshot of Petivity app alerting user to unusual litterbox activity. Weight and time of day data points in background.

Proactively Manage Your Cat’s Health

The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor system identifies changes that may be associated with a health condition requiring veterinary diagnosis like UTI, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism, and Obesity.

Dr. Avi Shaprut, DVM

Why Vets Love It

“What got me really excited with working with the Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor is the fact that as a veterinarian, I can now get additional insights into a cat’s health. More importantly, the cat owner can get these insights and share that information with me.”

– Avi Shaprut, DVM, Purina Veterinarian