The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor system transforms data about your cat’s weight and litterbox activity into meaningful insights about their well-being.

  • Identifies changes that may indicate a health condition requiring veterinary diagnosis like: UTI, kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism & obesity
  • Tracks important data in the FREE app & alerts you when changes may require a vet visit
  • Uses AI to develop a unique profile for each cat in the home
  • Convenient email Insight Reports deliver personalized insights & cat health tips
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – return within 90 days for a full refund

      Product Requirements

      Before you purchase, please review the requirements for this product:

      • Have an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS14 or higher. Coming Soon to Android.

      • Have 1-3 adult cats in your household (Note that we cannot guarantee performance in households with more than three cats, and some aspects of the system, like insight reports, will not be available)

      • (Recommended) Purchase one monitor for each litterbox in your household.

      • Have a qualifying address in the continental US. (We are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APOs, PO boxes, and FPOs at this time)

      • Use a litterbox no larger than 21 in. x 16 in

      • Refrain from using self-cleaning litterboxes

      image of spinning petivity smart litterbox monitor 360 degree view

      Getting Started

      Petivity app welcome screen with download icon
      Petivity app monitor sync screen with litterbox, smart litterbox monitor and wireless icon

      Step 2: Connect

      Power up the monitor or monitors, connect to Wi-Fi and sync with the Petivity app.

      Petivity app profile setup screen with checkmark icon

      Step 3: Add Cats

      Enter basic info about your cat, or cats, into the mobile app so the system can start learning.

      Smart AI, screenshots of Petivity app featuring events screen, profile setup and waste chart
      Tracks Activity, gray tabby cat with weight callout and number of litterbox visits callout
      delivers regular insight reports; graph above litterbox and smart monitor

      See What You're Missing

      Get insights about your cat’s health so you can be proactive in their care.

      Petivity is Your Partner for Proactive Care

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      Your Feedback Matters

      Join our Official Petivity Community, where you can get tips from other cat owners and share feedback on your Petivity experience.

      100% satisfaction guaranteed

      Satisfaction Guaranteed

      We stand behind our product. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, return it within 90 days for a refund. See 1-Yr Limited Warranty and Return Policy.

      Petivity expert support representative

      Ongoing Support

      We’re here for you throughout your Petivity experience. If you have
      any questions or need support, call 866-979-2477 or visit our Support page.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      person with two cats

      Does this work with multiple cats?

      Yes. The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor uses artificial intelligence to track and distinguish between multiple cats...

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      man with orange and white cat

      How can I prepare for my monitor's arrival?

      Here are 5 easy things you can do before your monitor arrives to make set up as easy as possible...

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      brown cat

      Will the monitor affect my cat’s litterbox habits?

      The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor is made to fit seamlessly into your, and your cats’ environment...

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