How Petivity Works with Multiple Cats

How Petivity Works with Multiple Cats

Every cat is unique and has unique behaviors. The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor uses artificial intelligence to track and distinguish between multiple cats—no additional collars or gadgets necessary. At certain points, the system will ask you to help identify which cat has used the litterbox. This feedback helps the system learn how to distinguish between multiple cats and provide accurate insights.

Read on for a more in-depth look at how the Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor works.

It starts with set up. When you’re setting up your litterbox monitor system in the Petivity app, you’ll create a profile for each of your cats. This prepares the system for what to expect. 

Sensors gather data. The Smart Litterbox Monitor gathers precise data on multiple features of your cat’s behavior any time there’s an interaction with the litterbox. These monitors are specially calibrated and sensitive enough to measure even minute changes in weight and behavior.   

Help the AI learn in multi-cat homes. Because each cat is unique, the system’s artificial intelligence can use behavioral data to analyze each cat’s signature habits and assign them to a profile. The system tracks multiple data points and uses deep learning to accurately track your cat’s (or cats’) weight, as well as the number of visits, waste type, and time of day.

The initial learning period begins as soon as you set up your monitor for the first time. The Petivity system will ask you to confirm which cat was using the litterbox. If your cats are distinctly different weights, it will be simple to recognize which litterbox event belongs to which cat and to label them accordingly.

Tip for multi-cat homes: If your cats are roughly the same weight, it can be helpful to temporarily place each cat in a separate room with their own monitor and litterbox to ensure correct labeling.

Once the system has developed a unique profile for your cat (after at least eight confirmations), these requests will decrease. If your cat’s behavior and weight changes, the system will occasionally ask you to confirm which cat was using the litterbox to ensure it continues to deliver the best possible insights.

More time means better insights. Petivity is designed for lifelong health. The system will continue to learn about your cat and continue to provide more actionable insights over time.   

Petivity is unlocking a new dimension of care, so you can proactively manage your cats’ health.