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Smart Litterbox Monitor

Proactively manage your cat's health.

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How It Works

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Place a monitor under each litterbox. Sensors gather precise data on your cat’s weight and litterbox activity.

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The system uses artificial intelligence to learn each cat's litterbox habits and create a unique profile in the Petivity iOS app.

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Alerts are sent directly to your phone via the mobile app when behavioral changes might be cause for concern.

Discover a New Dimension of Care

Your cat’s litterbox behavior can tell you a lot about their health. The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor tracks behavior and weight, and alerts you when changes might require your attention or a visit to the veterinarian. It's proactive care for lifelong health.

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Proactive Care

• Tracks weight, waste type, time of day and frequency
• Alerts you to changes that could be caused by serious health conditions like urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes or hyperthyroidism that would require veterinary diagnosis
• Provides data you can share with your veterinarian

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Insight Reports

• Daily app data is supplemented with Insight Report emails
• The most important data on behavior and weight, all in one place
• Includes helpful explanations, plus tips for managing your cat’s health
• Insight Reports are not delivered to households with more than 3 cats, as this can affect data quality

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Works with Multiple Cats

• Uses AI to create a unique profile for each cat
• No collar or chip required
• Mobile app can sync with multiple monitors for multi-litterbox households
• Not recommended for households with more than 3 cats, as data quality may be affected

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• Backed by expertise you can trust
• Created with veterinarians, behaviorists & nutritionists
• Satisfaction guaranteed

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"Proactively managing your cat’s health can help lead to a longer, happier life."

— Dr. Ragen T.S. McGowan, PhD, Pet Behaviorist

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Learn more about the Petivity system in the app store.

• Tracks weight, waste type, time of day and frequency
• Push notifications alert you when changes require attention
• Provides data you can share with your veterinarian
• Compatible with iOS Only – Coming Soon to Android

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Product Requirements

Before you purchase, please review the requirements for this product:

• Have an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS14 or higher. Coming Soon to Android.

• Have 1-3 adult cats in your household (Note that we cannot guarantee performance in households with more than three cats, and some aspects of the system, like insight reports, will not be available)

• (Recommended) Purchase one monitor for each litterbox in your household.

• Have a qualifying address in the continental US. (We are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APOs, PO boxes, and FPOs at this time)

• Use a litterbox no larger than 21 in. x 16 in

• Refrain from using self-cleaning litterboxes