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Discover Proactive Care with the Smart Litter Box Monitor.


cat weight and important litter box habits using advanced AI


changes that may indicate weight issues or health issues requiring veterinary diagnosis


you to meaningful changes via the Petivity app so you can be proactive in your cat's care


multiple cats in a home - no collar or chip required

Support Gut Health with Our Microbiome Analysis Kits.


your pet’s microbiome using state-of-the-art sequencing technology


key gut health information to help you provide the right care for their unique profile


a roadmap with tailored nutrition & supplement recommendations

Hear from Real Pet Owners

See how Petivity is helping pet owners like you provide a new standard of care to the pets they love.

  • Detected Homer’s weight loss

    With the help of the built-in scale, was able to detect Homer's weight loss. He was immediately taken to the vet for a UTI. Wouldn't have caught in time without the help of Petivity. Thanks for saving my cats life.

    Smart Litter Box Monitor
  • I saw consistent changes for the better

    I have been trying for years to figure out what was wrong was my cat's stool and
    digestion problems. I have had her stool tested. Nothing came up. I tried other
    probiotics and natural remedies as well as a variety of food changed. I decided to give [this kit] a try. The results clearly explained why my cat's stool was malodorous. . . I took supplements suggested. I saw consistent changes for the better. After a month and a half she has normal stool. I am more than happy with this the test and [her recommended] supplement.

    ―Sharon B.
    Microbiome Analysis Kit
  • This is a very helpful tool

    Very helpful in case of cat with urinary issue. It caught a urinary episode at the start, Oreo was using the litter box every 10 minutes in and out. Saw this, came home, took to vet and it cleared up on meds next day, was back to normal use. Saved him a very painful recovery time.

    Smart Litter Box Monitor
  • Best activity tracker on the market

    It exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by its ability to distinguish between my cat’s usage events. Even when I switched to a totally different litter box, the monitor was able to continue doing its job without any additional inputs from me.

    ―Maine Coon Cat Dad
    Smart Litter Box Monitor
  • Now her stool is consistently normal

    Our 45-pound rescue dog's stool was always very soft and concerning. We tried several probiotics, over a period of months, without any improvement. Then I heard about the [Microbiome Analysis] kit, ordered it, and submitted a sample for testing. With the test results it was recommended to try the Longevity & Overall Health probiotic and prebiotic supplement blend. We used the recommended 1 sachet/day for a couple weeks with good results and then slowly reduced the dosage to 2 sachet/week and we still have good results. Now her stool is consistently normal.

    ―David O
    Microbiome Analysis Kit
  • Gas & loose stools has gone bye-bye!

    The [Petivity] test gave me an insight as a pet owner. . . so I could make the proper adjustments in hopes of improving. Once I adjusted that supplement along with the new probiotic supplement . . .gas & loose stools has gone bye-bye!I have plans to test a few other my pets soon to see how their GI biome is functioning.

    ― Serena H.
    Microbiome Analysis Kit
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor track and how does it help me manage my cat’s health?

The monitor tracks multiple data points and uses artificial intelligence to accurately track your cat’s (or cats’) weight, as well as the number of visits, waste type, visit duration and time of day. You can find this data within the Events tab and the Cats tab of the Petivity app. Petivity also tracks when the litter box is scooped, making it easy to know when the box needs to be cleaned.

When Petivity notices meaningful changes in weight or litter box behavior, it alerts you via the app. While Petivity is not intended to diagnose your cat, it is designed to learn your cat’s habits and alert you to changes that could be signs of a health condition requiring veterinary diagnosis. If you receive such an alert, contact your veterinarian.

What does the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor system include?

  • 1 Smart Litter Box Monitor, a smart device that sits underneath your own litter box and tracks cat weight and litter box behavior.
  • Access to the free Petivity app, which syncs to the smart monitor and tracks litter box behavior and weight, plus delivers alerts when changes could require your attention.
  • Insight Reports containing personalized insights & cat health tips, delivered right to your inbox.
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Is the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor a Litter Box?

No – the Smart Litter Box Monitor is a monitoring device that sits underneath your existing litter box, allowing it to fit seamlessly into almost any environment with minimal disruption to your cats. See if your litter box is compatible here.

Does the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor come with iOS and Android mobile apps?

The Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor pairs with the Petivity app, which is available for Android 10 or higher, and iPhone running iOS14 or higher. Download the free iOS mobile app here. Download the free Android app here.

I have more than one litter box. How many Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitors do I need?

It is important to have one monitor for each litter box in the home. This will ensure the data and insights the system provides are as accurate and complete as possible. The data from all your monitors will appear in the Petivity app, so the system will track litter box activity no matter which box your cat uses. Petivity will even tell you which litter box your cat prefers in your emailed Insight Reports.

Does Petivity work with multiple cats? If so, how many?

Yes, Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor works with multiple cats, without the need for a special collar or chip. To differentiate between your cats, Petivity will need your help to train its AI (artificial intelligence). Through the first few weeks of use, you’ll be notified when a litter box event needs more information from you. After confirming at least eight events per cat, the frequency of these prompts will decrease. If your cats are close in weight, you may need to label more than eight events to help the monitor learn to distinguish between them.

Please note that the Petivity system’s performance has been validated in households that have no more than five cats. We cannot guarantee performance in households with more than five cats, and some aspects of the system, like the insight reports, will not be available. For more info on how Petivity works in multi-cat homes, read our guide on How Petivity Tracks Multiple Cats.

Why is it important to get an analysis of my pet’s gut health?

Your pet’s microbiome is home to trillions of microbes that influence most aspects of their health and well-being.

· Certain gut bacteria decrease as pets age

· Gut bacteria can influence behavior

· Decreased gut diversity can be associated with being overweight

Knowing what is going on in your pet’s gut gives you an inside look into their unique needs so you can be more proactive in their care, including making better nutritional choices to support their overall health.

How do the Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kits work?

Microbiome analysis is a sophisticated process, but Petivity kits make it very simple and easy. After you receive your analysis kit, you will be directed to register it and fill out a short questionnaire to create your pet’s profile.

Once you collect and submit your pet’s stool sample, the lab will analyze it using state-of-the art sequencing technology. Microbiologists and nutritionists will create a personalized report for your pet to provide you with information about their unique gut microbiome, plus tailored supplement and nutrition recommendations to promote a balanced microbiome.

 Your personalized report provides you with the following information: 

· Your pet’s microbiome profile and key measures, depending on the type of kit you purchased.  See next question for the different types of kits and what’s included.  

·Actionable information based on your pet’s microbiome profile to promote your pet’s health and well-being. 

·A tailored recommendation for one of our proprietary probiotic & prebiotic supplement blends.

·A list of food ingredients beneficial to your pet.

View a Sample Report here. [Sample Microbiome Analysis Report ]


What is the difference between the Microbiome Analysis Kit and the Microbiome Analysis Kit - Advanced?

While both kits include an analysis of the Beneficial Bacteria important to immune and digestive health as well as a report featuring tailored nutrition and supplement recommendations, the Advanced kit feature a provides a more comprehensive panel of measures that includes these additions:

·Gut Integrity Report, which predicts the potential for certain bacteria to product Butyrate, an important short chain fatty acid that plays a key role in overall digestion and the health of the gut lining.

·Gut Diversity Report, which shows how many different species of bacteria are present and how evenly these species are spread across a sample. High microbial diversity is linked with digestive health.

·A detailed report delivered directly to your veterinarian.

·An optional weight control and feeding plan if weight is one of your goals.

Compare the kits and their pricing here Analysis Kits

How do I register my Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kit?

Once you have received your kit, visit Petivity and choose “Register Kit” under the Resources tab. You’ll be asked to create an account first so you can track the status of your kit analysis and view your pet’s personalized reports. You’ll also create a profile for your pet using the Kit ID found inside their kit box. Once you register your kit, you’ll complete a questionnaire to help us get to know your pet better.