Proactive Cat Health Monitoring with the Petivity App

Understand Your Cat’s “Normal”

Your cat’s litter box behavior can tell you a lot about their health.

The Petivity app syncs with the Smart Litter Box Monitor, silently tracking each cat’s weight, elimination type, elimination frequency and time of day to help you understand what baseline health looks like for them.

Get Alerted to Important Changes

Our pet health and data experts trained Petivity’s AI to identify when changes in your cat’s weight or litter box behavior could indicate a health condition.

The Petivity app alerts you as soon as these changes occur, so you can be proactive in seeking veterinary care earlier, unlocking better outcomes.

Cat litterbox with weight data

Your Partner for Weight Management

Nearly 60% of domestic cats in the US are overweight or obese. The Petivity app tracks changes in your cat’s weight over time, without the need to weigh your cat at home or take them to the vet.

Whether you want to help your cat maintain their weight or gain or lose weight at a healthy pace, the Petivity app has your back.

Start Tracking What Matters

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    “Oreo had a blockage and now has FLUTD [Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease] . . . after using [the Petivity smart monitor] only one week he had a reoccurrence of his FLUTD, but at the time I thought it could be another blockage. I was alerted by the app and rushed home and took him to the vet ER. Had it been another blockage this [quick response] could have saved his life.”

    – AnnMarie M., Petivity User

  • Striped cat

    “I knew one of the cats was having an issue, but I couldn’t tell which one . . . Luckily, I got the Petivity monitor and was able to go back [to the app] to see who peed in the litter box that day. I was able to make an appointment and got [my cat] to the vet that day. She had a UTI and needed to go on antibiotics, but she’s all better now.”

    – Jessica L., Petivity User

  • Orange cat with collar tag looking forward

    “As a vet tech I am always looking for ways to ensure I am taking the best care of [my cat] Romeo as I possibly can. The Petivity monitor helps reassure me that if Romeo were to ever suffer a urinary blockage I would know as soon as possible. I have also been working on a diet with Romeo and in the last 3+ months of owning the Petivity monitor he has lost 1lb and I know he is losing weight at a healthy rate thanks to the app’s charts.”

    – Meaghan S., Petivity User

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