Petivity Experts

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    The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor system was developed by a team of Purina veterinarians, behaviorists and data scientists to help cat owners discover a new standard of care.

Meet the Petivity Pet Experts

Dr. Ragen T.S. McGowan

Dr. Ragen T.S. McGowan

Senior Pet Behavior Research Scientist at Purina

Dr. Ragen is a pet behavior expert who has been working on the development of the Smart Litterbox Monitor system since the beginning. She and her team recorded and analyzed over 75,000 cat litterbox events to gather the data used to develop Petivity’s algorithms, which allow it to provide meaningful insights about litterbox behavior.

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Dr. Avi Shaprut, DVM

Dr. Avi Shaprut, DVM

Purina Veterinarian

Dr. Avi is a veterinary expert at Purina who specializes in emerging trends and innovations in the veterinary space. He collaborated with other Petivity pet experts to develop the smart monitor’s early detection algorithms, which help alert pet owners to seek veterinary care when certain changes occur that could potentially be related to serious health conditions.

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Meet the Petivity Tech Experts

Dr. Natalie Langenfeld-McCoy

Dr. Natalie Langenfeld-McCoy

Data Scientist & AI Product Development Lead at Purina

Dr. Natalie and her team oversaw the development of all the AI models used in the Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor system, including models that predict what type of event the monitor is detecting, which cat is using the litterbox in a multi-cat home, elimination type, cat weight and more. These AI models are the backbone of what makes Petivity a smart monitor and allow the system to provide insights about a cat’s changing behavior and health.

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Kristin Slater

Kristin Slater

Petivity Product Development Lead

Kristin has been involved with the Smart Litterbox Monitor system since its inception. She serves as the voice of the cat owner and leads testing efforts to understand what features will provide the most value for Petivity’s users. She is also responsible for ensuring that the Petivity app is helpful, easy to use and is delivering the best possible experience for users. She is also responsible for ensuring that the overall Petivity experience is simple, intuitive and delivering the most value to cat owners.

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Meet the Petivity Experts

The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor brings together expertise from Purina’s best-in-class veterinarians, behaviorists and data scientists. Get to know the experts behind Petivity and learn how the Smart Litterbox Monitor can transform the way we care for our cats.

Expert Roundtable on Proactive Care

Petivity’s pet and data science experts gather to discuss how the Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor can help cat owners move from reactive care to proactive care, resulting in better health outcomes for cats.

The Innovative Tech Behind Petivity

Petivity’s team of experts share how they collaborated to bring together advanced AI algorithms and Purina’s rich knowledge of cat health and behavior. The result? An innovative smart device that gives cat owners life-changing insights that they’ve never had before.