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Microbiome Analysis Kit

What are Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kits?

Our Microbiome Analysis Kits are gut health tests that reveal your pet’s unique gut profile so you can provide the right care to support their microbiome. The process includes collecting a small stool sample and sending it to our certified lab for analysis. Then, you will receive a personalized report that provides you with a microbiome profile featuring actionable information and tailored food and supplement recommendations.

Why is it important to get an analysis of my pet’s gut health?

Your pet’s microbiome is home to trillions of microbes that influence most aspects of their health and well-being.

  • Certain gut bacteria decrease as pets age
  • Gut bacteria can influence behavior
  • Decreased gut diversity can be associated with being overweight

Knowing what is going on in your pet’s gut gives you an inside look into their unique needs so you can be more proactive in their care, including making better nutritional choices to support their overall health.

How do the Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kits work?

Microbiome analysis is a sophisticated process, but Petivity kits make it very simple and easy. After you receive your analysis kit, you will be directed to register it and fill out a short questionnaire to create your pet’s profile.

Once you collect and submit your pet’s stool sample, the lab will analyze it using state-of-the art sequencing technology. Microbiologists and nutritionists will create a personalized report for your pet to provide you with information about their unique gut microbiome, plus tailored supplement and nutrition recommendations to promote a balanced microbiome.

Your personalized report provides you with the following information:

  • Your pet’s microbiome profile and key measures, depending on the type of kit you purchased. See next question for the different types of kits and what’s included.
  • Actionable information based on your pet’s microbiome profile to promote your pet’s health and well-being.
  • A tailored recommendation for one of our proprietary probiotic & prebiotic supplement blends.
  • A list of food ingredients beneficial to your pet.

View a Sample Report here.

What is the difference between the Microbiome Analysis Kit and the Microbiome Analysis Kit -  Advanced?

While both kits include an analysis of the Beneficial Bacteria important to immune and digestive health as well as a report featuring tailored nutrition and supplement recommendations, the Advanced kit feature a provides a more comprehensive panel of measures that includes these additions:

  • Gut Integrity Report, which predicts the potential for certain bacteria to product Butyrate, an important short chain fatty acid that plays a key role in overall digestion and the health of the gut lining.
  • Gut Diversity Report, which shows how many different species of bacteria are present and how evenly these species are spread across a sample. High microbial diversity is linked with digestive health.
  • A detailed report delivered directly to your veterinarian.
  • An optional weight control and feeding plan if weight is one of your goals.

Compare the kits and their pricing here.

Is the analysis appropriate (or recommended) for pets of all life stages?

Pets of all ages, from puppy and kitten to senior, can benefit from a gut health analysis. Our puppy and kitten food and supplement recommendations are based on survey data provided by you. While the reference ranges included in your Analysis Report are based off data collected from dogs and cats one year and older, using the Microbiome Analysis Kit for your puppy or kitten can establish a baseline for their gut profile, allowing you to track changes over time. As your pet ages, beneficial bacteria tend to decrease, so there is value in monitoring their levels over the life of your pet to help you stay proactive in their care.

What are the benefits of supplements featuring probiotics and prebiotics?

The right probiotic and prebiotic supplement blend can help balance and reinforce your pet’s gut microbiome to promote quality of life. Probiotics are naturally occurring living microorganisms that come in different strains and may support particular areas of pets’ health, from their digestive and immune systems to their overall health and well-being. Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that nourish the good bacteria already in your pet’s gut.

As part of your pet’s analysis, we provide tailored probiotic and prebiotic supplement blend recommendations based on what you tell us about your pet and their microbiome analysis so you can feel confident you are providing optimal care.

Where are Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kits available for purchase?

Our Microbiome Analysis Kits are currently exclusively sold on

How do I register my Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kit?

Once you have received your kit, visit and choose “Register Kit” under the Resources tab. You’ll be asked to create an account first so you can track the status of your kit analysis and view your pet’s personalized reports. You’ll also create a profile for your pet using the Kit ID found inside
their kit box. Once you register your kit, you’ll complete a questionnaire to help us get to know your pet better.

How long does it take to receive the results of my pet’s Microbiome Analysis Kit, and how will I know when my report is ready?

Once our lab receives your sample, you’ll receive a submission verification email. It generally takes 2-3 weeks for the lab analysis to be complete, and you’ll receive emails on what to expect next. Once the lab analysis is complete and the report is published, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your report is ready. You can access your reports by visiting and logging into your account.