Supplements Backed by Decades of Research

Once you complete your Microbiome Analysis Kit, you'll receive access to our tailored supplement blends, which you can conveniently purchase online.

  • Get tailored probiotic & prebiotic recommendations based on your pet’s microbiome analysis and what you tell us about your pet

  • To develop our supplement blends, we screened over 100 probiotic bacteria to find potential health benefits for pets
  • Our blends come in powder form and are packaged in single-serve packs for easy mixing with your pet’s food

Not All Probiotics are Created the Same

Probiotics are naturally occurring living microorganisms that help keep your pet healthy. Not all probiotics have the same benefits. Even strains of bacteria from the same species can have vastly different properties. Each supplement blend contains a unique strain of bacteria and other high-quality ingredients that have been proven to support particular areas of pets’ health.

Bacillus coagulans BC30​

  • Promotes digestive health by balancing the levels of bacteria in the gut​
  • Promotes the growth of Bifidobacteria, which can be lower in aging pets​
  • Supports immune health​
  • Promotes butyrate-producing bacteria, which help provide nutrients for your pet's digestive cells to promote gut integrity
  • Helps promote gut microbiome resilience during naturally-occurring stress​

Enterococcus faecium SF68

  • Probiotic bacteria that it is uniquely made to survive until it reaches the gut to deliver their benefits
  • Guaranteed 500 million living microorganisms
  • Promote a balanced gut environment
  • Improve microbial diversity and stability during stressful events
  • Promote regularity and consistently good stool quality
  • Relief of temporary loose stools due to day-to-day stressors and dietary indiscretion
  • Promote development and maintenance of a healthy immune system
  • Enhance vaccination response in puppies

Prebiotics & Antioxidants

Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that nourish the good bacteria already in your pet’s gut.


  • Prebiotic fiber naturally derived from chicory root
  • Promotes digestive health and helps feed beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Helps support a balanced diversity of bacteria in the gut​
  • Supports butyrate production & healthy barrier function of the gut

Vitamin E & Beta-Carotene

  • Promote a strong immune system
  • Help support the immune system’s natural defenses​
  • Help fight free radicals