Dr. Natalie Langenfeld-McCoy

“I highly recommend Petivity Smart Litter Box monitor because I believe the monitor is a game changer for cat owners that will allow cat owners to identify a disease earlier.”

– Dr. Natalie Langenfeld-McCoy

Dr. Natalie Langenfeld-McCoy leads a group of data scientists on Purina’s AI product development team. She oversaw the development of all the AI models that live in Petivity, including models that predict what type of event the monitor is detecting, which cat is using the litter box in a multi-cat home, elimination type, cat weight and more. These AI models are the backbone of what makes Petivity a smart monitor and allow Petivity’s pet experts to build logic around a cat’s changing behavior and health. Dr. Natalie continues to oversee all of the new AI models being developed for Petivity for new features, as well as continuing to optimize the models that are currently in the system to provide the most meaningful data to cat owners.

Making Better Outcomes Possible

“As a data scientist, I was very interested in working on the project. And personally, I had a cat who had feline diabetes, and I knew all of the signs that I had missed from my cat. From the AI that my team is developing, we are able to track all of those subtle changes that are associated with a disease like feline diabetes. And that data could have led me to take my cat to the vet sooner and had a better outcome.”

– Dr. Natalie Langenfeld-McCoy