Microbiome Analysis Kit – Advanced

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Our most comprehensive microbiome kit. In addition to measuring healthy aging-related probiotic bacteria that tend to decrease as pets age, this kit also measures markers of digestive health, such as microbial diversity and predicted butyrate production. 

With this kit, your veterinarian also receives a detailed report on potential pathogens and unusual bacteria and identifies if one of your pet’s numbers is out of range. In addition, if you indicate weight control as a top goal, you’ll receive a personalized Weight Control Report and Feeding Plan.


  • Compared to the Microbiome Analysis Kit, this kit provides a more comprehensive analysis of your pet’s microbiome using state-of-the art sequencing technology.
  • Unlocks key gut health information to help you provide the right care for their unique profile.
  • Delivers a personalized roadmap with tailored nutrition & supplement recommendations.
  • Generates a detailed Veterinarian Report for your family vet.
  • Includes optional Weight Control Report & Feeding Plan.
  • Conveniently purchase recommended supplements online.
  • NOTE: Our puppy and kitten food and supplement recommendations are based on survey data provided by you, while their Microbiome Analysis Kit results will help provide a baseline for their gut profile.


  • Register your kit and answer a short questionnaire to help us get to know your pet better.
  • Collect a small stool sample and send it back to our lab to begin our analysis.
  • In about 4-6 weeks, receive your personalized report with information about your pet’s gut health and nutrition recommendations tailored to your pet’s unique profile.


  • Test Kit (Collection swab, RNA/DNA Shield, Pre-Paid Return Envelope to Lab, Gloves)
  • Digital Dashboard to access pet’s custom Gut Profile
  • Tailored nutrition & supplement recommendations
  • Analysis of Probiotic Bacteria that support immune & digestive health
  • Analysis of Gut Integrity, a measure important for digestive health & nutrient absorption

  • Analysis of Microbial Diversity, which has been linked with digestive health
  • Veterinarian Report detailing your pet’s gut profile plus potential pathogens & uncommon bacteria, sent directly to your veterinarian
  • (Optional) Personalized Weight Control Report & Feeding Plan
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Information provided by Petivity Analysis Kits is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information is intended for optimizing pet health & well-being.