Frequently Asked Questions

The Petivity Mobile App

Does the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor come with iOS and Android mobile apps?

The Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor pairs with the Petivity app, which is available for Android 10 or higher, and iPhone running iOS14 or higher. Download the free iOS mobile app here. Download the free Android app here.

Is the Petivity app available in my country?

The Petivity app is currently only available in U.S. app stores. Note that this does not include Puerto Rico or other U.S. territories.

Can others in my home, or other people who care for my cats, use the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor app?

To maintain the integrity and accuracy of your Petivity data, it’s important to manage your monitors from a single device.

How do I sync (or add) a monitor to the app?

Make sure your monitor is powered on (plugged into the wall or batteries inserted) and that Bluetooth is active on your phone. Have your Wi-Fi password ready. The app will instruct you to wake your monitor. If the blue light on the monitor is not already flashing, press and hold the button for about 2 seconds until the light turns blue, then release the button. The blue light should continue to flash and you will have 60 seconds to begin the onboarding process in the app. Within the Petivity app, select your monitor from the list. Your monitor will be named SLBM-XXXX, where XXXX are the last four digits of your monitor’s serial number. Scan for your Wi-Fi network. Make sure you are connecting to the 2.4GHz router band (you may have to disable the 5GHz router band to do so). Enter your Wi-Fi password (if applicable).

How do I set up my cat's profile?

Set up your cat’s profile by logging into the Petivity app. Follow the prompts to add cats. If you have multiple cats, you’ll need to complete one cat’s profile before you can start adding others. Once your first profile is complete, navigate to the Cats tab and tap “Add Cat.” When a cat uses the litter box, Petivity will scan all existing cat profiles that have been set up in the app—so it’s important to actively manage your cat profiles to ensure that they accurately reflect the cats currently using the litter box in your home.

How will I be alerted to changes in my cat’s litter box activity or weight?

Right after you download the Petivity app from the Apple App Store, you will be prompted to allow push notifications. Opting into push notifications is required for getting the most out of your Petivity experience.

There are two types of push notifications you will receive.

  1. If you have multiple cats, the Petivity system will send you push notifications requesting your help in labelling events to train the Artificial Intelligence system on how to distinguish your cats from one another.
  2. The Petivity system will send you a push notification if your cat’s weight or behavior changes in a way that requires your attention.

Can I change the litter box event labels in my app?

Events are editable. Whenever weight is detected by your monitor, an event will be created in your app. If you find that the monitor has mislabeled an event, you can edit the event in your app to help train the artificial intelligence powering the system. You can change the label for the cat that was detected or, if the event wasn’t a cat, choose "Not a cat" or "Unknown." Relabeling the events as needed helps ensure more accurate data moving forward.

Why am I being asked to label events in the app again for some of my cats even though the system has been trained for a while?

From time to time, the system will need to verify what it thinks to be true about your cats to make sure nothing has changed that would challenge your monitor’s ability to identify them, including weight or litter box behaviors. During this phase, you will be prompted to label a few events for the cat or cats that Petivity is trying to verify. If your cats exhibit more challenging litter box behaviors, you may need to label up to eight events.