The Science Behind Our Microbiome Kits

Groundbreaking Advances

Petivity is on a mission to advance nutrition science that will help pets live healthy, happy, and long lives. We go above and beyond, just like you, to ensure your pets’ well-being. After all, we’re pet parents too.

Your dog or cat’s body is host to trillions of microbes with the highest populations residing in their gut, called the gut microbiome. There is a clear association between your pet’s microbial activity and their wellness.

Dramatic scientific advances are revolutionizing how we think about health, illness and proactive wellness. You can help your pet stay healthy by keeping their microbiome healthy. Thanks to our microbiome research, we have an unprecedented understanding of your pet’s health and can deliver tailored nutrition and supplement recommendations to promote their well-being.

Based on years of animal studies, we can analyze the microbiome and make recommendations specific to your pet to promote a healthy digestive system, optimal weight and healthy aging before any signs show up, making our science a proactive health game changer. Our science also suggests that the gut microbiome may correlate with occasional loose stools and a pet’s ability to lose weight.

Decades of Research

We collaborate with an international team of microbiologists, nutritionists, immunologists, veterinarians and food scientists to explore and unlock the secrets of the microbiome to promote pet health and well-being. We have investigated correlations between microbiome and nutrition, activity, environment, age and body condition.

Through numerous animal studies, we have identified the correlation between the microbiome and a healthy life. By using state-of-the-art molecular methods to analyze your pet’s microbiome, we can help change their bacterial community through through diet and supplement recommendations.

We are constantly working on improving our predictive knowledge and gaining a better understanding of bacteria functions and interactivity in the gut, which allows us to provide tailored recommendations for your pet’s unique needs.

  • Based on over twenty years of research at Purina, we have identified the bacteria associated with healthy GI function and have shown the value of our probiotic blends in promoting healthy immune and digestive systems.

Your Nutritional Partner

Our Petivity experts are at the forefront of new discoveries, and are pushing the boundaries of pet nutrition. We deliver the latest advancements in pet care and develop proven tools, so you can feel confident you’re giving your pet what they need to thrive.

Our Microbiome Analysis Kits not only benefit you and your pet’s well-being, but also the greater pet parent community. They enable us to apply learnings and discoveries to improve overall pet care in today’s world.

Our recommendations are safe, effective, and backed by science.