Tech Safety for the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor

Precautions and Guidelines for Safety and Best Results

If at any time you encounter any malfunction, overheating or other issue with a monitor, please immediately cease using the monitor, turn it off (if safely able to do so) and contact our Customer Support team by calling 866-979-2477 or filling out our Contact form.

Battery Information

  • Please use alkaline AA batteries only. Do not use rechargeable or lithium or other non-Alkaline batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries from different brands. Dispose of batteries in accordance with local guidelines.

  • Please monitor condition of batteries and remove/replace if showing signs of decay or corrosion.
  • Please follow the directions to ensure proper installation of battery door & screws. If not properly installed, battery compartment screws or door can pop out if dropped or damaged. Batteries and screws can become a choking hazard to animals and children. If battery compartment door is lost, misplaced or damaged, contact our Customer Support team by calling 866-979-2477 or filling out the Contact Us form on our Support page.

Power Cord

  • In addition to 6 AA batteries, the monitor can also be powered with the enclosed power cord. Please note that any use of a power cord carries risks such as cats or other animals chewing cables or equipment, electrical shock, and tripping hazards. If you’re using the power cord to power the monitor, check for any evidence that your cat or other pets have been chewing on the cord. If you see any evidence of chewing, we recommend switching to battery power. 

  • If using the power cord, please avoid high traffic areas to prevent tripping. 

  • If at any time you encounter any malfunction, overheating or other issue with the monitor, please immediately cease using the monitor and turn it off (if safely able to do so). 

  • Please do not use other power cords with Petivity except for the one provided. If you have issues or need a replacement, please contact our Customer Support team by calling 866-979-2477 or filling out the Contact Us form on our Support page.


  • The monitor is designed to support a total weight of up to 60 pounds. Do not stand on the monitor or allow a weight of greater than 60 pounds to rest on top of the monitor. 

  • Do not attempt to weigh your cat by placing it directly on the monitor. Weight will be accurately calculated when monitor is correctly set up under the litter box. 

Monitor Placement

  • The monitor works best in an indoor, climate-controlled environment. Do not use the monitor outdoors or in areas with high humidity, high heat, or direct sunlight. Where possible, avoid placing the unit on a surface that receives continuous sunlight. 

  • If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time, the smart monitor should be turned off. 

  • When placing the monitor in your home, ensure it is at least 1 inch away from all walls or other obstacles. Failure to provide adequate clearance may cause interference with data or readings. Placing the monitor next to high vibration items like a washer or dryer or in high traffic areas may affect the performance of the monitor. 

  • Avoid using litter boxes larger than 21 by 16 inches. Using a large box may cause the box to slip off the monitor when the cat is near or on the edge of the box. 

  • The monitor is designed to function best on a smooth, level, hard surface. If using a mat or placing the monitor on carpeting, extend the adjustable feet to ensure the monitor is not touching the carpet, mat or other flooring surface. Uneven monitors may cause a disruption in data. 

  • Do not remove the monitor feet (or disassemble any other parts of the monitor). Doing so increases the risk of losing or damaging parts and may create choking hazards for small children and pets. 

Broken Monitor

  • If the monitor is dropped or broken, please use caution as there could be potential sharp edges that could cause harm to animals or users. If small pieces break off, they can create a choking hazard or cause physical damage to animals or children. Dropping a monitor may cause a disruption in data. 


  • To clean the monitor, wipe it down with a moist cloth. If using any cleaning products, please spray the cloth rather than the monitor. 

  • Do not submerge the monitor in water or other liquids. 

  • Do not hose down or spray liquid at the monitor as this may cause liquid to enter the monitor and damage the electronics. 

  • The materials in these monitors have not been thoroughly evaluated for chemical resistance across the full range of cleaning products and disinfection agents. Cosmetic damage may occur to the surfaces over time if monitor is repeatedly wiped down with cleaning or disinfecting products.