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You’ve decided to pursue proactive care with Petivity, you’ve placed your order and your package has arrived at your doorstep. What comes next? Check out our “Tips for Getting Started” video below to get started!

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Get insights about your cat’s health so you can be proactive in their care.

More Resources for Getting Started

How to Set Up Your Monitor

Watch this quick video to learn how to set up your Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor System and get troubleshooting tips.

How to Power Your Monitor

You can use either batteries or the provided power cord to power your smart monitor. Check out this video to decide out which option is best for you.

Labeling Your Cat's Events

If you have multiple cats, Petivity will ask you to label your cats’ litterbox events for a short period to help the AI learn to accurately identify them. After you label at least 8 events per cat, you won’t need to label events as frequently. Watch this quick video to learn more.

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