Kristin Slater

“This is Purina sharing our deep expertise in the most meaningful way possible . . . in a way that materially impacts real pets and their parents.”

– Kristin Slater

Kristin Slater is the product development lead for Petivity and has been involved with the Smart Litter Box Monitor system since its inception. She oversees the product development of the entire Petivity system of products.

Kristin helps the various teams involved in Petivity understand the brand’s long-term vision and how to get there. She serves as the voice of the cat owner and leads testing efforts to understand what features will provide the most value for Petivity’s users.

She also ensures that the Petivity app is helpful, easy to use and is delivering the best possible experience for users.

Impacting the Life of Pets

“The Smart Litter Box Monitor is just the beginning. We know we will have a significant impact on the life of pets by tracking specific data points, analyzing them, and sharing back insights and recommendations based on the collected data.”

– Kristin Slater